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Locks & Hinges

Service Price/unit Select Quantity
Hinges 25.00
Wardrobe Lock 75.00
Drawer Lock 75.00
Door locks (Manual) 500.00
Door Locks (Auto) 1500.00
Door Handles (Regular) 250.00
Door Handle (Designer) 350.00

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Drilling & Fitttings

Service Price/unit Select Quantity
Handles 30.00
Tower Bolt 30.00
Door Magnet 30.00
Door Stopper 30.00
Curtain Rod 300.00
Photo Frame 100.00

Notes :

Furniture Repair

Service Price/unit Select Quantity
Sofa Leg Repair 150.00
Chair repair 350.00
Bed Repair 1000.00
Tandem Box Repair 350.00
Door Servicing 350.00
Laminate Repair 100.00
Loose Furniture fixing 1000.00
Cushion Sofa per seat repair 1500.00
Cushion refilling 1000.00
Wardrobe door repair for alignmenyt 500.00
Curtain rods fixing for commercial glass windows Upon Inspection
Holding fixing on the fabricated panel Upon Inspection
Fabricating of Ply wood doors for Bathroom/Balcony Upon Inspection
Windows & Door Repair Upon Inspection
Wooden Door Repair Upon Inspection
Metal Door repair Upon Inspection
Broken Glass Replacement Upon Inspection

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Installation & Assembly

Service Price/unit Select Quantity
Mirror Installation on Wardrobes 100.00
Bed Assembly 1500.00
Mirror Installation in Bathroom 500.00
Door Installation 1500.00
Main Door Installation 1000.00
Mirror beeding fixing Upon Inspection
Replacement of existing laminate Upon Inspection

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Mosquito Mesh

Service Price/unit Select Quantity
Mesh -(With Material Rs.150/ Sft) 150.00
Strap Type Mesh-(With Material Rs.220/Sft) 250.00
Sliding Windows (With Material Rs.450/Sft) 450.00

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