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Interior Painting

Service Price/unit Select Quantity
Distemper with Materials (Per Sft) 12.00
Plastic Emulsion with Materials (Per Sft) 25.00
Royal Emulsion with Materials (Per Sft) 32.00
Distemper without Materials (Per Sft) 7.00
Plastic Emulsion without Materials (Per Sft) 7.00
Royal Emulsion without Materials (Per Sft) 12.00
Tractor Emulsion With Material (Per Sft) 15.00
Tractor Emulsion Without Material (Per Sft) 10.00

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Exterior Painting

Service Price/unit Select Quantity
Distemper (Ace) With Material (Per Sft) 15.00
APEX With Material (Per Sft) 35.00
Emulsion With Material (Per Sft) 25.00
APEX Without Material (Per Sft) 15.00
Distemper (Ace) Without Material (Per Sft) 8.00
Emulsion Without Material (Per Sft) 13.00

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Wood Polishing

Service Price/unit Select Quantity
Melamine With Materials (Per Sft) 90.00
PU With Materials (Per Sft) 190.00
Poly coat With Material (Per Sft) 350.00
Hand Polish 50.00

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Texture Painting

Service Price/unit Select Quantity
Royal Play Non Metalic (Per Sft) 90.00
Royal Play Metalic (Per Sft) 140.00
Exterior Texture Upon Inspection

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Water Proofing

Service Price/unit Select Quantity
Interior Seepage Upon Inspection
Ceiling Seepage Upon Inspection
Exterior Seepage Upon Inspection

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