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Service Price/unit Select Quantity
Floor tile replacement (Per Sft) 80.00
Wall tile replacement (Per Sft) 90.00
Wall Tiles (Per Sft) 65.00
Floor Tiles (Per Sft) 65.00
Wooden floor (Per Sft) 120.00
Plastering (Per Sft) 45.00
Concrete (Per Sft) 11.00
RCC (Per Sft) 250.00
Water Proofing (Per Sft) 250.00
Preparation of concrete bed for SINTEX Storage (Per Sft) 150.00
Tank/Sump Demolition (Per Sft) 80.00
Removal of existing Wall Tiles -Bathroom (Per Sft) 45.00
Removal of existing Wall Tiles -Kitchen (Per Sft) 35.00
Removal of existing Floor Tiles (Per Sft) 35.00
Fixing Of Decorative Tile On Wall Panels (Per Sft) 150.00
Core Cutting Cost For Chimney Exhaust pipe 1500.00

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